The Nerdgasms

Welcome to the block, for those who are just first time readers I want to introduce myself. I’m Bobbo and this blog is one stop for all thing nerdy and geeky that you love also it is for my show Bobbo’s Block, and in the show I give reviews in a segment I like to call “The Nerdgasms” and that is where the ideas behind the site came from, within these reviews and articles they will be broken down into the various categories you’ll read here everyday.

“The ‘Verse” – Within the ‘verse we can talk about anything that has its own universe, such as Anime, Manga, Comics, Television shows, Cartoons or whatever may come to mind

” The Playlist”- This is where we’ll take any Album, Artist, or any Song that you guys like and break it down into its more basic musical components and look past all of the hype. This will be more of an look into my musician side of things

” Gadget Glomp”- Have you ever just looked at something you’ve wanted to buy and geeked out so much that you ran up and just tackled it? I have and I want to share that experience with you guys. Gadget glomp will take a product, service, or a particular website that you guys want to know more about and I give head first into it. I’ll give my honest and best take and experience with that product or service or site and rate it on a scale of 1-5 GLOMPS, 1 being kinda pass on this all the way to 5 being GLOMPS all over this thing.

“GazeWorthy”– This is where our movie buffs come and play. We give you the latest news, updates, announcements and trailers of the hottest movies to rock our big screens. There are a lot of things out there but we will get thru all of that clutter to find what is awesome enough for you guys.

“GamerTag”– Calling all my warriors, mages, adventurers and yes even you campers. GamerTag is where you reside. It is the home of the latest reviews, walk thrus and first impressions. We will keep you in the know of what the industry is doing, and we will give you our honest opinion on what we like and hate aout what’s going on today.

“Comic Shop On The Block”– Are you a comic fanatic such like myself? Well this is where I get to geek out with you. I will be here giving you reviews, hidden gems and all things comic book related. If its out there on the shelves, I’ll have my nose in the comics for you guys.

“IRL”– This is where we meet rubber to the road, or we can meet in the ring, or even jump out of a plane. IRL is for whatever interest that you need to do in real life. This is where sports become related to what we want, not just some boring old reruns of the same sports stories again and again. We give you what you love.

“Suit Up”– We know here everyone has their own style and we here on The Block celebrate it. Suit up is here to give you the latest fashion trends in geek culture and to help you save a few pennies while you go crazy shopping on the internet.


“The Binge”– Have you ever been hearing so much about this one show or movie that you just can’t take it, but you don’t have time to sit down and watch it forever, well that’s what we’re here for. We all know that feeling, so if you have any shows or suggestions like that hit us up and we will binge it for you.


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