#MusicMonday: What If Times

The weather is finally perfect, we can venture back outside with no worries about any lingering remnants of old man winter creeping up in the forecast. With that bit of confidence, we can get to the things we love about spring and get ready for summer. This week is the start of something we all have been waiting for. With everything especially this blog getting back into the swing of things, let’s have the right music to kick it off properly.


You know I love to put you up on some of the dopest of the dope when it comes to bands and this is no exception. I was graciously introduced to Shinobi Ninja through twitter and they are honestly the vibe I needed to get back on track and put words to the page. Their energy is that infectious. I’ll give you a full breakdown in a sec, but it’s #MusicMonday, let’s get to the song already!


Baby G, Alien Lex, Duke Sims, Kid Shreddi, Axis Powers and Terminator Dave combine forces to form SHINOBI NINJA. The track you just heard, “What If Times”, came off of their Escape From New York project. This album is an amazing introduction to the band and for me, almost like a trip down memory lane. Their sound is a blend of multiple genres all over the musical spectrum. It is a sound that I grew up loving to hear in rock bands but almost feels lost on a lot of the newer acts that are breaking into the industry today. It is way more than just adding a few rifts from heavy metal, or having a vocalist rap a few bars. It is an ever-evolving sound that transcends being boxed into one sect of the musical diaspora and dare to truly be original with what you give to the audience. It’ the sound that truly was cultivated in bands like Linkin Park, it really is what made their sound iconic. With the blending of sounds so effortlessly, Shinobi Ninja keeps you always energized with each and every song.



These shinobis are not from any hidden village, they hail straight from Brooklyn, NY. As I stated, Escape From New York is a great intro to their sound, but they have put out a full discography of music that will for sure be an amazing addition to your music library. The latest project Bless Up is an eleven track journey that is a blast from start to finish. You can keep up with this rag-tag bunch of ninjas by following them on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribing to their YouTube. So let’s keep the music going and start the week off right. Happy Monday Vibes blockheads. 

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