Around The Net: Living Finesse

Yesterday Bruno Mars blew up the interwebs once again by randomly dropping an instantaneous hit with the current Queen of the charts Cardi B. We all were graced with the gift of the remix to Finesse from Bruno’s 24K Magic album. The song itself was already good, but the remix took it to a whole other level. Bruno is known for some memorable videos, and this one does not disappoint. Check it out below and we’ll talk about it from there.


Imagine waking up to that man, it was the greatest ish all year, and it’s only 5 days in! Bruno does it again and brings us such nostalgia with his tribute to In Living Color. The video is already over 11 million views and #1 trending on YouTube and I can see it sky-rocketing to the top of the charts. This adds to Cardi’s domination of #1 hits on Billboard and Bruno gives us another song to be stuck on repeat on the airwaves. I love the song so much, but I can already hear the keys click click clicking away with think pieces about this video, but we will save that for another post on another day. But for now, let’s just hit play one more time and keep dripping in finesse.

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