The Verse: Buckle Up Your Childhood, It’s Going To Be A Bumpy Ride

So, yesterday we got our first glimpse of Netflix’s newest animated adventure and it’s a bit of a trip down memory lane. The major streaming service is taking a swing at beloved series “The Magic School Bus”. They released the first teaser trailer, and you can take a look at it right below.


That was… Different, yeah let’s go with that. As we see, Ms. Frizzle is hanging it up by the looks of it and handing the keys over to her sister. Ms…… Frizzle, minus the frizz? There is a bit going on here. I do not know where this falls in the timeline, but it looks like the gang is all here for this series. We have not got confirmation if they are the same kids, but you can clearly see similarities from this class to the group we knew and loved.


Voicing the bearer of the bus is none other than Kate Mckinnon. She is super excited to take on this role, but we here at The Block have some reservations about the choice. We will get to that another time. We need more information on her character, so far all we know is that she is the little sister to The Frizz. The last we heard, this was slated for 26 episodes for this return. The slogan is now The Bus is Magic, but The Science is Real. So we will get a lot of updated information on the episodes that were in the original run.


Another majorly noticeable change comes in the form of a new cover of the original theme song. This was debuted with the teaser trailer. It was done by our favorite founding father off-Broadway, Lin Manuel Miranda. I love Linnamon Bun, but there is just something off about this version of the song. It will never be compared to the Little Richard version, but there is just some soul missing. But as things change, we must learn to accept them. We will get you guys more information as we learn it here on The Block.



For now, the series is set to stream on September 22nd. They also have the full original series in the library, so enjoy that and introduce it to a child you know before the new season comes out. I already have my permission slip signed and my lunch packed. I’ll meet you on the bus.


Let us know what you think about the new series. Post in the comments below and give us your feedback.

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