GazeWorthy: Dear White People, THIS WAS ALREADY A MOVIE

I swear the drama never ends when it comes to these kind of things. So if you did not hear or see, Netflix announced that they are finally moving ahead with the television series for “Dear White People“. The story broke just yesterday with a teaser trailer to boot. Here is the teaser right now.

In the famous words of Donald Glover, “And that’s when, the world went crazy”. No, seriously, take a look at it for yourself.

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And that is just the tip of the iceberg on YouTube, on Twitter the meltdown is even more hilarious. They have created the hashtag #DeleteNetflix as a outcry of their anger with this new show.

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Netflix has really outdone itself with this one, but was it really Netflix that created it? It is crazy to think something so woke, so progressive, and politically charged came from the writing staff of the streaming giant. It’s almost as if they got this idea from somewhere, doesn’t it?

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Oh, that’s right. THIS WAS A MOVIE ALREADY! The Justin Simien film took Best Picture and Special Jury Prize at Sundance when it premiered and raked in 4.6 Million dollar in the box office. Netflix was not taking a gamble, or trying to start a race war by making this show. But the “backlash” I woke up to this morning when I opened my computer literally had me done with this day before it even began.

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I find it funny that this is literally what happened when the movie came out, almost down to the same people reacting the same way. But the radical-right has been on a roll as of late. Let’s see, we have #BoycottStarbucks, #BoycottTarget, most recently #BoycottBudweiser. They boycott and protest things that make them upset and uncomfortable more than the fragile snowflakes they call us. At least when we boycott or protest it is for a cause that is actually something to fight for. These people are just mad a show made them feel white guilt and they don’t like it because it’s icky.

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Shows like this put the normal microaggressions and day to day dealings of people of color in a PWI college setting under a microscope and make you face it. “Dear White People” was made within the same tradition of “School Daze” and “Do The Right Thing” of taking a moment that will echo and reflect any time that it is shown. I just can’t believe that it has sparked such an uproar already before the episodes have been dropped. I think it is the name alone that has all of these people so hurt. Dear White People, it calls them out, makes them feel vulnerable. Makes them feel like they are being targeted and profiled and have to represent their entire culture from their every action. Gee, no wonder they are so hurt, no other race EVER has to deal with such scrutiny.

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The show looks as if it will be amazing. Picking up from the events we didn’t get to see in the movie, but looks like it will also incorporate the Halloween party into it as well. There was so much to explore within that universe and I applaud Netflix for diving in. The series is slated to premiere April 28th, and I know we will be watching. We will keep you updated on more news, announcements, and if needed, drama that develops.


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