The Verse: The Hunt Begins!

Source: IGN

This week has been jammed pack with trailers. From Iron Fist, Samurai Jack, and so many other announcements. But DC will not be outdone. They just gave us the first looks of Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. IGN released this earlier today on Facebook.


The Judas Contract is a classic Titans story that has stood the test of time. From what I see, this will be a modern twist on the tried and true story. Deathstroke has been hired by Brother Blood to hunt down the Titans one by one for a new plot he has cooked up. We also get to see the debut of Terra in this universe. They took her back to her classic look, so that is an amazing nod to the old comics.

Image result for The judas Contract

The team may change, but the Titans and their stories always remain the same. With the success of Teen Titans vs. Justice League, this team is solid and we are really want to see how Damien, Blue beetle, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy are doing after those events. As we saw in the trailer Nightwing is still around helping out and this looks to be action-packed.

Image result for The judas Contract trailer

DC Animated movies have been amazing so far, and this seems like it will not disappoint either. So we will keep you posted on all the latest news, updates,  and releases for Teen Titans: The Judas Contract.


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