Cosplayers of Color: We’re Going Ghost!

Hey guys! Cosplayers of Color is back and ready to give you readers a look at some of our favorite cosplayers doing what they love. Up first, we have the lovely Otaku Skum Cosplay! Don’t forget to check her out on her Facebook page and give her a follow. We got a chance to sit down with her and get to know her a little better, and here’s what she had to say.

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Bobbo: So, can tell our readers a bit about yourself and your cosplay journey? What got you started into this?

: Well my name is Shell! I’m 22 and I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York but I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve always been a huge anime fan as well as a fan of dressing up. One day I decided to combine the two passions and started cosplaying!
Bobbo: Okay, you’re from Brooklyn? So what has you in Atlanta?
: I have older parents and they retired ahaha. They wanted to move somewhere a little slower than New York.
And I was only 15 so I had to come along ^^ been here ever since!
Bobbo: Okay, dope. I know how it is. So, everybody has an origin story, lol. So what was your first cosplay and do you remember why you wanted to do it?
: My first cosplay was actually Link from Legend of Zelda. I actually still have pictures. It’s kind of embarrassing lolol but I’m actually proud of how much I improved since then! I chose Link because i was obsessing over the games at the time lol. I love the LoZ series ^^
Bobbo: Oh wow, I actually would love to see those. lol. But I have seen a lot of your cosplays on the page. But what has been your favorite cosplay to dawn? And what makes it your favorite?
: I’ll send! And my favorite cosplay I’ve done so far is Danny Phantom! Danny Phantom was one of my favorite cartoons when I younger. I had a huge crush on him (still do tbh lolol) and I kind of wanted to be him! But back then I was more insecure and felt like I could never dress up as him because he was a white male. So finally doing it meant a lot because it showed growth in my character.
Bobbo: That is really amazing that you were able to do it. It was actually my favorite show too. Like I freaking wanted to be Danny too, lol. But I loved that cosplay and got hyped to see you do that one.
So, if there was any advice that you have for readers and cosplayers trying to get into this passion. What would you want them to know?
: I think when it comes to cosplay especially with the current impact social media has it’s easy to get caught up in wanting a bunch of likes and followers and such. But I think it’s important to remember that cosplay is a hobby that comes from the heart so never forget to follow yours! To me cosplaying is all about having fun and I think it’s important to try not to lose sight of that.
Also here’s a set of my first cosplay 😭😭😭
So adorbs, lol
: Ahaha 16 year old Shell 😭
Bobbo: Lol, she at least took her sword, it was dangerous out there.
: Omg 😂😂😂
Bobbo: Okay. we really want to thank you again for taking the time out and talking with us today Shell. I know I love your cosplay, and our readers are just going to fall in love with you too.
: It’s no problem at all! Thank you for reaching out! Always up for making new friends ^^

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