By: A.K.


If your first reaction to the name Mic Lowry was to ask, “Who?”, take a second to read this, and let me put you on to something new coming in HOT from the UK. If you catch yourself still listening to music made before 2005, yearning to hear “real” R&B music, and missing “real” R&B artists that can actually sing, I might just have what you’ve been looking for. I’m not talking about that autotuned, whiny, crap that is so common, or the new genre some refer to as “Trap & B” . I’m talking about real vocals, real harmonies, and real talent. Don’t get me wrong, we still have a few artists trying to hold down what’s left of the R&B sector in music, but it’s been awhile since something this new and refreshing has come on the scene.


Mic Lowry is a new group of twenty-somethings from Liverpool with the perfect sound that matches what music has been missing; a mix of 90s R&B vocals, barbershop harmonies, and a fresh and current vibe. The group has been making waves all over Europe and already have quite a bit of merit. They’ve already dropped a four-tracked EP entitled “The Show” (2015), won a BET Music Matters award, opened for Boyz II Men, have well over a million views on several of their YouTube music videos and covers, and are currently the opening act for the European leg of Justin Bieber’s “Purpose Tour”.


As if they weren’t already cool enough, they named themselves after Mike Lowry, the character reprised by Will Smith in Bad Boys I and II (and hopefully soon, Bad Boys III). The group members went to the same high school and also attended the same arts, vocal training, and management center, “Positive Impact” together. The group’s long history together shows they’ve been training and putting in work to hone their craft and get to the level they’re at for years. These boys are a force to be reckoned with, but even after having a few sets in New York under their belt, they haven’t quite picked up steam in the states just yet.

The five-part harmony group consists of:

Akia, whom I like to refer to as “The Icing”, because his clean falsetto is always sweet to the ears, like icing on a cake. On top of his amazing falsetto, he offers a great raspy toned tenor that’s refreshing to the ears.

Michael, “The Butter”, often times playing the dual role of bass vocalist and string accompaniment during their videos and performances. His voice is calming and smooth, you know… like butter.

Ben, “The Velvet”, because that’s exactly what his voice reminds me of. Soft, smooth and comforting, but still packs a punch with his light and airy vocal tone and range. He also sometimes shares in accompaniment duties.

Kaine, “The Passion”, because that’s what you hear when he sings. Great tenor PLUS he has the impressive vocal range and control to rival some of the vets in the R&B game (Think about the vocal styles of Wanya or Brandy).

Delleile, “The Power”, a voice that packs a punch and with every note, run and rift that he delivers. His voice carries the soul and power of the 90’s R&B ancestors (Think about the power and vocal abilities of Sisqo).


While these five men have unique and equally talented voices individually, when they come together, their voices blend flawlessly. They make it look and sound effortless! There isn’t anything they aren’t vocally capable of singing and their talent will definitely take them all the way to the top. Don’t sleep on them; it’s only a matter of time. Remember where you heard about them!

Check them out for yourself! If you appreciate great vocals and R&B, you won’t be disappointed.



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