Around The Net: We Will Sure Miss Uncle Joe

Well, the election is over and it didn’t really turn out the way we all predicted. We are now looking at the next four years with Agent Orange, I mean… “Donald Trump”, as our commander-in-chief. I’m gonna be honest, things look bleak, but the internet does what they do best: Mask our emotional depressed nature in NEW MEMES!

We all have known and loved the dynamic duo of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, but now more than ever have we needed this new set of memes starring one of the greatest President and Vice President of all time.


We can do nothing more but sit back and watch what happens, but Mr. Biden (or Uncle Joe as he’s been oh so lovingly called all over the internet) has something to say about this new changing of the guard. Check out all of the memes below.

We all need a good laugh and now is no better time than any. I bet I can see Vice President Biden sitting back on the internet looking at all the memes and smiling. You did good guys, you did good.



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