The Chopping Block: Pork or whatever you may like ;)

Today’s post is grilled pork chops with farro, peaches, and an acorn squash puree. If you do not eat pork then you can swap in chicken or turkey. If you prefer beef, grind all the spices for the brine with half the amount of sugar and salt mixed in some blended oil, and marinate the steak. 

More squash are starting to come into season, so with fall around the corner, this is a light but filling dish. The pork chop is brined and only needs to set for 6- 24 hours.

Acorn Squash Puree

2 acron squash

1 pt heavy cream

1/2 lb butter

Salt and pepper to taste

Cut squash in half and scoop out the seeds

Mix salt, pepper, and even with squash; roast at 350° or until soft

Melt butter, and heat cream in a pot

Puree cooked squash with butter and cream texture until smooth


1 cup farro

2 cups water

1/2 onion chopped

1 carrot chopped

1 stalks of celery

Salt and pepper to taste

1 bayleaf

Pork Brine

1 tbsp cloves

1 tbsp star anise

1 tbsp  coriander

1 tbsp fennel seeds

3 tbsp black peppercorn

1 qt salt

2 qt brown sugar

3 bay leafs

4 springs rosemary

1 bunch thyme

1 cup rice wine vinegar

1 cup cider vinegar

1 gal water

Toast spices, then add half water, sugar, salt, and vinager. Bring to boil then pour on top of herbs. 5 mins later add the rest of the water.


2 to 1 ratio of water to farro, add veggies,  and cook through

Cooking – drain off portion and season with salt and pepper, then medium heat on a sauté pan and cook portion until done.
Garish – 1/2 white onion ( small dice)  2 tbsp ( garlic ) low heat in a pan; sweat onions and garlic for 5 mins then add peaches ( 1 peach, med diced) 2 mins later add 1 cup of cook Farro, just to heat it up, and 1 tbsp of butter to finish.

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