Water Seed and FFJB Music Group @ 1904 Music Hall

So I thought the other day would be like any other Wednesday, but I was wrong… in a good way. You ever get invited out, reply to the Facebook event, but the show still slips your mind until that moment? There is no such thing as a bad show in my opinion, especially if it’s at the iconic 1904 Music Hall here in Jacksonville. The place has had many astounding acts grace their stage and tonight was no exception. I was in for an experience.


FFJB Shows Us What Raw Beats and Rap Can Really Do

First to hit the stage is FFJB Music Group. They are a true force of hip hop and lyricism. They have earned the moniker of “The Wu Tang Clan of Duval” and the claim tells no tales. With so many variant styles melding together to make hip hop in it’s truest form, to say that they killed it on stage would be an understatement. The crowd wasn’t that large, but they play as if the house was packed. With that type of energy and dynamic flows engulfing the crowd it was hard to not get swept up.

I have always heard about FFJB Music Group and know some of the guys in it, but I have never been able to take in a show until tonight. They did not disappoint. Working through hit after hit after hit, they would weave these lyrics and have these back and forths in lyrical tandem. Almost like they were always one uping what the last MC just spit, like true brothers. They have this syncro about them that comes with performing together so long that nothing can duplicate.

The guys themselves are the true gunpowder that makes the show explode. Being able to switch from the silliness of performing on stage, to the seriousness that really hits home, showed us how dedicated to their craft they really are. They’re genuinely really amazing people, and love interacting and performing in the crowd.

At one point, they hit this beat and called up another amazing artist, The IGive, and that is one man if you give a beat, can go for hours. It was honestly one of the best collabs I have seen because it was so raw and real. If you would like to follow FFJB Music Group, you can find them on Facebook by                           >>>Clicking Here<<<<


The Funk Was Upon Us

Now was the time for Water Seed to hit the stage. Oh. My. God! When I say they took us on a journey, it was one of epic proportions. The swag of this jazz funk band is one that cannot be matched. The horns were going, the bass was grooving and the vocals guided us into the land of funk, with the swonkiest of appeals.

Water Seed did exactly the thing every amazing funk band needs to do, create a story with their music. With the smooth fusion of jazz, funk, and hip hop, there is not one person in that house who could sit still. The band intermingles with the crowd so well, at one point hopping off stage and doing the electric slide with the audience.

The band is on their current tour that sweeps them through Florida. The Green Parrot will be their last stop in the Sunshine State.


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