Block Mangafesto: Mahou Shoujo of the End

By: Ashe

Hope you enjoyed the last review I wrote. I’ve missed writing these and typing in general (just writing mostly, lol). This manga I have a lot of love for and I’ve enjoyed reading each update. So here we go!

The manga is called Mahou Shoujo of the End (or, if you like the english translation, Magical Girl Apocalypse) is a magical girl manga with action-psychological horror elements. It is written and drawn by Kentaro Sato. Believe it or not, this manga gets out of hand, but I will get to it.




It starts out like any other manga—a high-school freshman named Kogami Kii hates his normal every day life and wishes for something different to happen. Little does he know his wish will be fulfilled, albeit disastrously. One day, in the middle of class, Kogami looks out the window and sees a strange little girl standing at the school gates. A teacher investigates only to have the girl suddenly attack the teacher, his head exploding violently. Kogami, disturbed by what he has seen, convinces himself he’s daydreaming and excuses himself to the bathroom to get himself together.

To his horror, it’s not a dream.




He returns to his classroom to find the little girl repeating the word “magical” in an unsettling way before slaughtering his classmates and friends. Soon, Kogami and his childhood friend named Tsukune—who is quiet and often bullied—witness their classmates’ revival into a murderous zombie-like mob uttering the single word: “magical”. And it’s not just the classroom that was affected; it’s the entire school as well as the rest of Japan. Possibly the world.


Now Kogami and Tsukune must try to survive with other survivors and try to find out what has happened to their world.


As I said before, this manga gets out of hand and is wild; the artwork is impressive with the designs of the magical girls (or mahou shoujo, whichever you would prefer) drawn with the intent of being cute but also very creepy… until the slaughter happens.


The gore is over the top and plenty of blood everywhere. It’s also really interesting how some characters end up dying (for example, one person is killed when their face is literally bashed out in a perfect circle as seen in the image above). There’s also the added bonus of fanservice—which is a bit jarring at times. Currently, it’s at 39 chapters, so you’ll have an easy time reading it. There are many plot twists and the information will be a bit much to take in, but it will definitely be worth it. Plus, there’s a handful of characters you will grow to hate.

I found out recently there is a spin off from the manga called “Mahou Shoujo Site”. It’s just as wild as the original. I will review it at a later time, possibly after the next manga review. Thanks for reading!


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