Cartoons and Black Lives Matter

By: MoonLight Lotus

Growing up there weren’t many black cartoon characters. When there were, they were most likely the token black person. I can only name 4 cartoons with a majority black cast. My favorite was the “Proud Family”. I loved it as a kid, I love it even more now.

The grand question now is, would our favorite cartoon characters stand by Black lives matter? Would they understand black lives matter? Now to some this is a pointless question, but I LOVE cartoons. So I wanna know if mystery inc would march with me. Would they try to investigate a iffy cop? Would they pull the mask off a KKK member and say, “its officer steve” while Shaggy is saying “oh, wow man he is a racist”?

Think of your favorite cartoon crew or person. I mean really think about them and their personality. Now, do you think they would support your stance on black lives matter?

I would love to see adult Tommy and Chucky from “Rugrats” showing their support. Have Tommy’s dad make some sort of invention to help protesters to stay hydrated in the hot sun. I would love to see Blue from “Foster’s Home Of Imaginary Friends” using his coolness to raise money and awareness. I know for a fact that these characters would be down. I can definitely see Ms. Grotke, the epic 4th grade teacher from “Recess”. Recess had one of the most pro-feminist , pro-black , and all round progressive characters I have ever seen.

Number 5 from “Code Name: Kids Next Door” also known as K.N.D. She was smart, and in many cases, second in command. She played the voice of reason on many issues. This one is a given, but Storm From X-Men. Storm has always supported her people. She is very wise and nurturing . I always seen her as a character for young black mutants to go to.

These are the thoughts of a lady who loves her cartoons. Knowing that your childhood shows character’s would understand you feels great.

So tell me in the comments what YOU think.


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