Block Mangafesto: Where’s My Season 2

This week we were given two major announcements for shows we all love. One was a given to be renewed and the other was long awaited and highly demanded.



First up is the anime that took the world and internet by storm, One Punch Man. There have been rumors and questions swirling about, but we are able to say that OPM will be coming to you at the end of 2016! The closer we get to the end of 2016 it has been slated for a premier around October-December.

This anime rocketed to the top of the list because of its story arc and the action of the fights. So this next season is not going to be without any of that. With many more enemies of Saitama to choose from, it’s been rumored that the likes of Garou, if you have read the manga he is the only one to withstand the punch of Saitama, and many others like Amai Mask. This season will not diappoint, we’ll keep you up to date as more info comes up. If you’re at Anime Expo, on July 2nd they will have a ONE PUNCH MATSURI with major announcements and information there as well.

That didn’t get you hyped?


I think I may have what you want.


Oh yeah, that’s right. It is real, somewhere somebody has heard our cry and we are finally getting Blue Exorcist (Ao No Exorcist) Season 2. It also comes with a trailer.

I cannot wait for this to drop! We even got a definitive date for it’s premier in Japan.


Pushing it really close for making it into the next year. But we will get more information for you and if time even do a breakdown of the trailer. So keep it tuned to The Block for more guys!


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