The Verse: The Temple Doors Re-open

It’s been twenty-one long years, but Nickelodeon has dropped some news that made us feel like we were all kids again. They recently announced two projects slated for later this year. One was the long-awaited “Hey Arnold” movie to give us closure on that series, that will be another post. But they also dropped this one image.


That’s right, Legends of the Hidden Temple. So we here on The Block were in disbelief because, what possibly could they do? Or how will this work. So we wrote it off and thought nothing of it. Until this week, we heard word that they were able to add Kirk Fogg to the cast and production will be underway soon. We still don’t know what kind of movie this will be. Will it be a documentary, or an Action adventure? But what we do know, is with Fogg being there it will keep that nostalgic feeling.


Kirk Fogg was the sole host of the show that ran for 120 episodes over 3 seasons. It pitted kids in a competition we had never seen before and gave us all that feeling of being Indiana Jones or Laura Croft. I know I would be at home thinking about how I would tackle the Temple corridors. With the addition of Kirk, that brings the question will they get the Original voice of the Temple Guardian Olmec, Dee Bradley Baker. That would be amazing! So now that we realize this is a thing, we will keep you guys posted on new developments.



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