Melanie Martinez: Creepy Cute Songstress


Are you into Kawaii fashion? Love a good eerie story? Maybe just a fan of a good Lolita? Well Melanie Martinez rocking two-toned hair and gothic Lolita dress is bringing kawaii fashion to mainstream. Imagine my surprise to see a girl singing about family secrets in a face full of Kawaii, two-toned hair and a Lolita dress on MTV. Not only did she look amazing, the song was awesome, so naturally I did what any sane person would do: Stalk the hell out of youtube channel. I found out the song was called “Dollhouse” from her first album Crybaby.

Melanie gained a fan base when she was first introduced to the world by giving a haunting cover of Britney Spears’ hit “Toxic” on the reality show The Voice.  Martinez is making a name for herself in the music industry. She even had her song Carousel featured on FX’s hit show American horror Story: Freak show.


Crybaby, her first album, is 4.5 star rating on Amazon prime and it’s well deserved. Lyrically, she is only best explained as an eerie storyteller. This album covers topics from murder, being a secret lover, over sexualization in media, and feeling lonely in a crowded room.  Addictive lyrics, great storytelling, and a beautiful voice; I look forward to seeing her in concert. She’s currently on tour. For more details and ticket sales visit her site here:

Please check out her album, CryBaby. Here are a few of my suggestions from tracklist: Doll house, Soap, Mad Hatter, Pity Party, and Mrs. Potato Head. Honestly, I love the ENTIRE album!


By: KiyaSweets


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