Happy Back To The Future Day!

Today is finally the day. So this is one of those rare occurrences, where Pop Culture fiction, becomes reality. Today is the day set to where Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to, so they correct the time stream and save Marty’s kids. October 21st, 2015.

maxresdefault (12)

Okay, so we all know that we are far from what the movie shows off tech wise, but we have made a lot of advancements that I think would still blow Marty’s mind. But that was expected to happen with a lot of our movies, you set so many movies in the future and you’re bound to get things wrong. Heck, we’re still doing it, just think what if our current Sci-Fi futuristic movies don’t end up being true? That’s right I’m looking at you [insert Generic Sci-fi Film]. But with epic events comes epic memes. The internet is on fire with the hilarity and people showing their love for this classic movie.

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Also people are doing other awesome things to celebrate. From cosplay to marathons and even awesome stunts like the Piccadilly’s Circus in London pulled off of a guy riding a hover-board alongside a DeLorean  through the streets.

But however you celebrate today, you are apart of history now, which was the future, but showed to us n the past. You’re just apart of something that many people can look back and tell you where they were at 4:29 pm today. And who knows, maybe somewhere in the suburbs a giant rift will open up in the sky and a flying DeLorean will appear out of that wormhole. But no matter how you celebrate, just be sure to make it memorable, because this will all be history tomorrow.



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