GazeWrothy: [RUMOR] The Fantastic Four May Come Home

Okay, so I put the disclaimer up there because this only started yesterday and more information has come out, I’ll explain that in a second. But as we all know, the last incarnation of the Fantastic Four was a major flop and thanks to boycotts from the Nerd community and the movie actually getting chopped up and killing itself, it barely pulled in anything in the box office and successfully gave Marvel fans a sign that we should just let this franchise go. It was so bad, that during some of the screenings there were taking surveys and asked the audience what do they think Fox should do with the franchise, allegedly.  But when this news got to the fans and the internet in general you knew what we suggested. Give it back to Marvel, because Fox obviously doesn’t know what to do with it.


So that brings us to where we are now, so yesterday we started hearing whispers that the first super family may be returning home. The word on the web was that Marvel was in talks with Fox to get the rights back to the franchise and that they would have a movie slated for 2020. This was awesome news right!? But yeah, this is that part I was going to explain. So later on both reps from 20th Century Fox and Marvel/Disney busted this myth and stated that the rights are still and will remain with Fox. So you may be asking then, if this is debunked, why are we here? Very good question so, I really want to believe them I do but if we believed all of what official representatives said we wouldn’t have this…

maxresdefault (13)

See what I mean, so with the track record standing I wanted to at least talk with you guys about it. So we know that they have ideas for going through with the follow-up for that horrible reboot, or maybe they may do another reboot. But what if, and I say this loosely, what if they worked out a collaboration with Disney/Marvel like or good friends at Sony did? I’m not saying that we get X-Men and all but I can see a cross over with The Guardians or something. We’ve gotten so much this year and I think if we can finally get Kingdom Hearts 3, I think we can pull off The Fantastic 4 going back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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