GazeWorthy: A Contender For King Arises

So at NYCC we got a blast from the past who came back in a big way. We got our first looks at a rumored project that some people never thought would get a reboot. Gamera, one of the old school Japanese Kaiju made an amazing showing last weekend, and it is a huge upgrade from the flying turtle I remember.


Holy crap. I don’t know what workout plan all of our favorite Japanese monsters have been on, but they are all coming back bigger and badder than we have ever seen them, and Gamera is no exception. The new design looks great and the cinematography overall looks amazing.  This is a classic kaiju story and whatever those are attacking the city are taking no prisoners. So we saw in the latest Godzilla movie the protagonist Ford took center stage with the big guy play support role. I hope they don’t go that route with this movie, but it would be nice to get some back story on the kid and how he grew up, especially after this.


All and all, I am beyond hyped for this movie, they say all good things from the past are destined to repeat,. I am SUPER glad old school monster movies are back in style. With Godzilla and Pacific Rim getting sequels which are still in the works, it’s good to see some of the old Kaiju get dusted off the shelf as well. So, move over Godzilla, Gamera is back and gunning for the crown.



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