The Verse: New Justice League Animated Series CONFIRMED

So there have been some rumors floating around the net that we may actually see a new Justice League Show coming soon. It all started  with a picture lineup of posters for what looked to be new shows in development.


You see that one, yeah, all the way off on the end. That’s right, this was the image going around last month and The Nerdist even put in some information they suspected. They said that the show was to be called Justice League Action, but wasn’t slotted for Cartoon Network but for the spin-off network Boomerang. But just earlier this week, through a Q&A with Cartoon Network Canada we got some solid confirmation.

maxresdefault (10)

A fan asked about the poster and they responded by letting us know that they are in development of a new Justice League title for Cartoon Network, but it won’t appear until next fall. But this alone is awesome news, hopefully with this CN can get back to the more serious storytelling in the DC Universe and yeah, they’ll keep Teen Titans GO!, but this will give content for all of the DC fans out there to watch. I’m stoked because with the Justice League there are so many possibilities we can go with it, the last show aired in 2006 and had a tremendous run. Getting nostalgic feels just thinking about it. I myself cannot wait to see what it will turn out to be, but we here on The Block will keep you posted.

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