Gaze Worthy: Ron Pearlman Is Giving Hellboy III Legs

For the past few months, Hell’s favorite demon has been the topic of discussion and mostly it’s been about his return. Ron Pearlman has been hinting and gathering support to finish off the Hellboy Trilogy. Could it be? We may ACTUALLY see a Hellboy III come within my lifetime? This series has been a huge success and one of the Comic book movies that hasn’t gotten overdone and annoying.


From the beginning, the Hellboy franchise has gathered a huge following and base, and now Ron is tapping into that. Getting to connect with the fans and he’s been hearing the questions for years. But finally we are getting closer and closer to seeing Mr. Pearlman suit back up for the B.P.R.D. He put out this Instagram Post not too long ago.



We all know what the premise of the last movie should be. In each movie, they talked towards the prophecy of which revealed the true reason as to why Hellboy was sent to Earth. The one thing that Hellboy has been running from since the day he looked in the mirror, his true demon within. We saw a glimpse of it in the first movie, and the demon in Hellboy II showed us what looked to be a vision of the future.


But we will see and as more info comes out, we’ll keep you guys posted. So tell us what you think in the comments below.


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