New Faces On The Block

Walking in cosmic snowstorm is where you will find………… bwahahahaha. But ello ello my name is Scoob, aka Scoobalicious, and I am the person behind the chopping block. As DJ horus, Dyedbelle, and Bobbo can attest to, I am a geek/nerd/otaku… whatever your prefer. I work in the restaurant industry and like marvel and dc comics (though my knowledge of marvel is greater). I’ve been watching anime since I was kid along with cosplaying when i have the free time ( which is not a lot by the way).  I even help Dj Horus with music from time to time.

I’m not into gimmicky food stuff, so my food post will only have a geek themed. If there’s a connection I want other people to see it as well. My goal is simple: to show that the crowd can eat and drink well as much as their choice of interest. Due to the nature of my work, I am not able to post consistently like some of the others here, I mean come on everyone needs a break from their work. If you’ve been reading the chopping block, I sincerely thank you for your interest and support. I hope to reach many more people through food!

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