Comic Shop On The Block: Bendis The Rules

So, for years now, whenever you thought of Marvel Comics you thought of Spider-Man. He was the poster child, the face, he was your friendly neighborhood web-slinger. Hey, he stole my line, but I digress, it was really thanks in fact to the world of Spider-Man being so vast and he had an amazing team working on his story. Brian Michael Bendis with David Marquez and Justin Ponsor gave life to our favorite arachnid in the Ultimate Spider-Man for some time. But now, things have changed.


With the announcement of the All-New All-Different Marvel *I’ll get to that another post*, we have been graced with new styles of our favorite heroes and also new heroes. But there is about to be a shift; as we know the main catalyst for the MCU and the hero that kicked it all off, was Iron Man. He is the face of the movies, like to admit it or not, but Iron Man is the reason you go to the movies. He’s at the center of everything. So why can’t that be the same in the comics? Well just as the creative team of Bendis, Marquez and Ponsor brought a fresh new look and take on Spider-Man, they have turned their attention to Tony Stark and his factory of armors.


Just announced, Invincible Iron Man #1 will hit the shelves this October along with the rest of the relaunch of many titles from Marvel after their Secret Wars Event. Bendis seems to have big plans for Iron Man, and noting what he has done with Peter Parker and his world, I cannot wait to see what he will dream up for Tony Stark.



From what we have learned so far about the story, it already sounds like a fresh look into Tony’s life. This will be him facing a world that has gotten to the point where his future seems like old ideas. Bendis said in a recent interview Invincible Iron Man “a futurist’s look at what he has to do next as a superhero”. Tony is struggling with making himself a better person after all that has transpired during Secret Wars. His technology is outmoded and he must find a new path. There are already drawings being shared and this is the inking stage and it still looks amazing


The new Armor is also a huge change, I will need to look into more information but it is nothing like we’ve seen before from Tony. He is no longer rocking the Superior armor so we will get to see what this new toy can do. The helmet for it and the chest piece look stunning, the most prominent  for Iron Man must be distinct from any other armor he has worn for this relaunch to work. When asked about the armor Bendis stated, “It’s like a brand-new kind of technology but it still brings out the classic Iron Man. You just get all the Iron Mans at once, plus some new ones… It’s about a boy and his toy and what would make that toy the coolest toy ever. That’s what the new armor would be.”


I honestly cannot wait and will be counting the days until the relaunch. Iron Man is now in perfect position to push forward into the future and who knows, maybe they will take this story arc and make it into Iron Man 4, a friendly neighborhood nerd can dream right?


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