Casual Cosplay: Weekend Play

Hey all,

DyedBelle back and ready to do a little new blood in these parts. I’m not sure if you’ve kept with the Marvel universe recently. Let’s just say a little rearranging has been going on. Characters have been handing the reins to younger counter parts. Oh, you had no idea did you?

Aren’t you glad you’ve got your girl, DyedBelle, in your life to keep you informed?!

We have a new Ms. Marvel, a Pakistani-American born, named Kamala Khan. Let me tell you she’s socially conscious and has been kicking booty! She makes me proud and I can’t wait to see what else she’s going to do. Want to know more about her check here out here.

Another young person who’s stepping into their shoes is a young African American Miles Morales. He’s wise beyond his years even though only 15, he hasn’t been without his own struggles. Oh you didn’t know about him either? Find out more about him here.

I’ve been following both those two stories for awhile and was excited to hear that Miles and Kamala are joining the Avengers.  So my mind started to think what would these two wear if they were hanging out on  the weekend. How could we channel their styles even though its starting to heat up?

I believe I’ve found the key; thin layers for both parties.

Ms. Marvel Casual Cosplay
Miles Morales Spiderman Casual Cosplay
I really had fun putting together both looks and I’m planning on trying to recreate Ms. Marvel’s look myself. I’m going to phase to having the POC (People Of Color) Casual Cosplay once a month. They’ll accompany our Cosplayers of Color segments that we do on the block. Don’t worry, we’ll do other Casual Cosplay in the meantime.
Have a great weekend loves and see you next week,

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