The Chopping Block: Simple And Clean, Just Like Spring

Spring is good time for a lot vegetables coming in season with color and flavor, This dish I made as app for tasting I did in dc for a sous chef gig and my mom seen and wanted to me make it for her so I figure it be good on here. This is a spring soup with croutons, mint and goat cheese. This dish is vegan friendly just replace butter with oil. If you don’t wanna make veg stock you can buy “low sodium veg broth” from store and save 30 mins of cooking time.

The veg stock I use 8 small carrots, 4 stalks of celery .3 small leeks, 1 white onion,1 head of fennel. I dice all of it and sweat in 3/4 pound of butter ( cooking on low heat and no color) the veg until most became translucent. Then cover with water and simmer for 30 mins and strain
20150420_113544 20150420_121109 20150420_125531
The shallots I use 8 small shallots and I julienne them and sweat them in a separate pot  in 1/4 pound butter until translucent.
You can use frozen peas or fresh english and sugar snap pea 1 Qt or 4 cups peas is all you need
To finish make the it two batches to no over flow your blender. Put half the shallots and peas into the blender and add the 1 table spoon olive or extra virgin olive oil, pour enough veg stock to cover and blend on the high setting to get it started. Then slowly pour more veg stock until smooth and check for seasoning, If you use  sugar snap peas you might have to strain it.
Pour soup into the blow and top with croutons and goat cheese or even fry shallots
11150522_10203982821478822_195108941116921235_n (1)

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