The Verse: FOX Announces Hell On Earth

So DC has been really rocking the television market with its expanded universe. From Arrow, to Gotham, The Flash, the upcoming Titans, and SuperGirl shows set to start up. Just yesterday, we got an announcement for another show to join the ranks. Lucifer was announced to come to FOX in 2016. With great success of Gotham I think they are ready to put another comic adaptation under their belts. Today we get the first official trailer for the pilot of the show. So here you go guys:


This trailer looks awesome and it does show us a new side of the Dark lord of the underworld. We shall see where this takes us, The Block will keep you guys posted. And to learn more about the comic series and Lucifer Morningstar himself >>>Click Here<<<

DC Comic

I haven’t found a place online to read the series yet, but if you guys give me a minute I will, or if you know of a site leave it in the comments below.


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