Casual Cosplay: Fashion Squad

Hi my Dashing Dolls and Dapper Dans,

Can we believe it’s May already? This year is already flying by. Summer is coming closer than we think. I’m happy, but this year is passing so fast.  In this digital age its nice to know about upcoming movies, not to mention, see teaser pictures almost every other day. Anyone seen pictures for DC’s Suicide Squad lately?  I love publicity we’re able to see for it. However it makes me question: Where’s Waller?

We have seen Amanda Waller on Arrow. However, since announcing Viola Davis has landed the role of Amanda Waller in the Suicide Squad, we haven’t seen any teaser pictures yet. I’m wondering if it’s on purpose. I mean, she is the reason the Suicide Squad is in formation. Head honcho, the boss lady she really is. We know Ms. Waller underwent some changes herself within the universe.  From her famous curvy physique to a leaner athletic frame,  Ms Waller does change right before our eyes.

Whether Amanda Waller was luscious and large or trim and tiny she still was in charge. Either way, in my mind she still is one of the dopest leaders we can get. Oh what’s that? You’d like a quick refresher on the woman,  well click here.  However I want to embrace both sides of her and not favor one over the other. Which gears up to this week’s Casual Cosplay. Sorry gentlemen you’ll need to take a back seat, this week we’re focusing particularly on our ladies.

So we’ll start off with the original Amanda “The Wall” Waller that we know and love. One thing I admired, she knew how to rock a power suit.  Why should that stop my curvy ladies while the temperature rises?  For this particular set I chose to mimic the iconic Justice League Unlimited  Amanda Waller. Power suits can come in all different types. I added a little side bonus of shorts along with the skirt suit. Just imagine both are that beautiful navy color for me.

(The beauty of CasualCosplay is that you channel the character to your style. So if you like shorts, rock them. Besides I’m more than confident Ms. Waller can pull them off.)

Amanda Waller Curvy Casual Cosplay

Slender ladies don’t worry, we have a suit for you two. I believe in power suits for all!!  One thing I loved about her was that her suits tended to be monochromatic. However, even though she had a suit on, she was not afraid of color.  Fingers crossed they keep it the same in the movie and on Arrow. Here we’ve swapped the skirt for cropped wide legged pants or the option of shorts. These shorts may not be able to work in the office though, keep it for your after hours business meeting ladies. 😉

Amanda Waller Athletic Casual Cosplay

Now go along and be bosses for the rest of the week. I hope you have fun commanding your own Suicide Squads.

See you next week,



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