The Chopping Block: Weeaboo Special #1

Geeks, Nerd, Otaku, Weeaboo, whatever you call yourself! People love bacon, ground beef, cheese and Japan’s famous export, the sushi roll. Joking around with these, I made something that people would want that embodies a lot of the favs but is still pretty cheap. You can swap the pork bacon with turkey or beef bacon, just make sure the slices are wide.

You will need just a pound of beef, grated cheese of your choice, hosin sauce, and set you oven at 450°
Since I (and most people) don’t have a tatami mat, I use plastic wrap to make the roll. I start by laying 4 or 5 stripes of bacon on a little shingle on top of each other so they don’t come apart when rolling. For seasoning the beef, I use Chinese five spice powder. I then put a small layer of beef and sprinkle cheese on top of it. The reason for the small layer is because it will be bigger once we roll it.
20150420_131047 20150420_131114
When rolling: use the plastic wrap to help you start the roll, tucking the bacon in, and slowly roll it a little tight so it does not unravel.
As you see, I put the roll on a rack so the grease can drip. Once in the oven, base the rolls with hosin sauce after 10 mins so the bacon can cook and get crispy. Keep basing every 5- 7 minutes, until the beef and cheese is cooked all the way through (which might take 20 mins over all).
 Once done, I took some cereal and crush it to top the roll with. I remember people used to eat cereal while Saturday morning cartoon’s were on and it also gives the roll a nice crunchy texture on the outside. You will need a sharp knife to cut the roll without crushing it.

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