Casual Cosplay: Power Through The Weather

Hey guys!

Dyedbelle here and I’m sure everyone is dealing with wacky weather… or is it just me? What’s that old saying again? “April shower’s bring May flowers?” Yeah we’re having a lot of showers over in my neck of the woods, but also hot and humid days. Some days I feel like I’ve already slipped into summer then the rain reminds me it’s still spring.  So this week’s Casual Cosplay is geared not towards those pesky rain drops, but those high humid temps.

Swinging over to DC’s neck of the woods, I know the web was amped when Tanya Spears was named as the new Power Girl. Oh you haven’t heard about her? Check her out here.

However, I’ve yet to see anything else following her debut. Unless you’ve followed her in the comics (which you should!) She’s amazing hands down and I think I want to grow up to be like her now.

She’s a new kid on the roster of the Teen Titans and I thought why not spring up her outfit. That jumpsuit is nice  but I don’t have that on hand. Note to self: stock up on colored catsuits. For our warmer weather it’s never to early to wear a pair of shorts, high waisted of course.  Gold tipped gladiator sandals give us the exact feel of her boots. Lastly don’t forget to top it off with a blue trench coat, in case any rain sprinkles come your way.

Tayna Spears Casual Cosplay

Have a great weekend lovelies. Fellas don’t worry I didn’t forget abut you. You’ll have your time to shine in the sun..or rain, next week.


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