The Tops: Who Are You This Time?

So Con Season is upon us. We all will be heading around the country and going to different conventions, but sadly we all will be seeing the same thing. There has been a major trend within the cosplay world where everybody apparently has the same great idea for a cosplay. I love the art and the effort by all of the cosplayers, but it gets repetitive after a point. Here are the Top 10 Cosplays you will see at Con.

10. Catwoman


Every woman loves to be our favorite feline criminal. She represents strength, sex appeal, and cunning.With more than 9 lives, there are plenty of choices to make when picking out your Catwoman to cosplay. But honestly, who wouldn’t want to walk around in an all leather cat suit with a whip? I thought so.


9. Storm

download (6)

This one is kinda the same. Strong heroine, controls the weather, and turns heads in the room. She has so many versatile and different looks that the possibilities are endless when it comes to our favorite X-Men alum.


8.Doctor Who


Allons-y, Geronimo, or however you make a grand entrance… you have 12. Well, 13 if you’re counting the War Doctor, to choose from to be when you are Doctor Who. The most popular ones are David Tenant (Tenth Doctor), Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor) and Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor)


7. Logan/Wolverine


This is another character from Professor Xavier’s school. He is one of the most popular X-Men, especially after the movies have blown up the cosplays usually depict that version of the character. There are many ways to be the man with the claws, but you have to have that certain look about you to pull it off.


6. Darth Vader


The dark Sith Lord  himself is next. He has a presence that comes along with the cape and the electronics that are associated with pulling this off. But what I love are the new mash-ups and variants of Darth Vader that people come up with I’ve seen, from a samurai to one half of Daft Empire. The sky’s the limit when you let your imagination roam free.


5. Harley Quinn


This Blonde bombshell has taken our hearts by storm and we don’t want her to go anywhere by the frequency we cosplay her. There has to be something said about a character when she was suppose to be one off hench-woman but has made her own legacy. The crazed doctor turned villain to reluctant hero has been a ambassador of women with her take no crap attitude and get the job done mentality, even though she is still love struck over the Joker, who in his own right almost made this list. They make a great pair when seen together.


4. Batman


For every villain you need their hero to keep them in line at Con. The Dark Knight has many looks you can sport, from the old school Adam West version to the Dark Knight trilogy that is easily accessible to get your hands on that costume. But even if you can buy the cowl, you will still need to play the part. He is a symbol of what a human superhero can be, anybody can take up the mantle of Batman.


3. Scouting Legion (Attack On Titan)


Attack on Titan is a wildly popular anime that caught like wildfire on the cosplay scene. The main protagonist and his rank of the military, The Scouting Legion, have been done over and over to where the jacket has even shown up in everyday pop culture. There are droves of cosplayers that take the oath, strap on their 3d gear, and jet off to Con.


2. Elsa


I know the pun that I’m gonna make, but I’m gonna do this anyway. We need to let this one go people. The frozen hearted queen from Disney’s Frozen has blanketed the Con scene since the first girl figured out there was something to do with that ice blue gown from prom she hasn’t worn. She has been paired up with every ice themed character you can find at Con, the most common is Jack Frost. I actually think more people cosplay as Jack Frost so they can be paired up with Elsa now.


1. Deadpool


Finally we get down the the top cosplay that you will see at every con. The Merc with a mouth is ridiculously everywhere. You cannot turn five feet without seeing another version of Deadpool. From giving out free hugs, to being a pirate or even sneaking around photo bombing folks, you will never be short a Deadpool at any convention.

That’s our list, tell us what you think in the comments below.  Sound off with some that you feel that should have made the list. Speaking of that, here are my honorable mentions that were great and everywhere but not enough to make the list:

  • Deadmau5
  • Mario
  • Jack Frost
  • Steven Universe and The Crystal Gems
  • Iron Man
  • Power Rangers
  • Goku
  • Spiderman
  • Groot
  • The Joker
  • Nightwing

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