Suit Up!:Dare you to Enjoy Spring

Hey Fashionerdettes and Fashionerds!

This week we’re continuing from our Spring Fashion Forecast as we approach April 10th, for the premiere of Marvel’s DareDevil on Netflix.  I don’t know how you’re feeling but I can’t wait to curl up in front of the tv and not move until I’ve seen every episode!

As per the previous story, I’m back with a real world example.  Here’s the spring capsules we came up with for the women and the men.

Spring 2015 Women's Forecast
Men's Spring 2015 Fashion Forecast

I’m thinking we could pull together the Minty top, Red Trench, and Blue jeans to for the Daredevil trailer.

I know you guys are looking at me like I’m nuts. DyedBelle, have you seen his costume? He wouldn’t wear any of that!  Once again it’s your interpretation  and the subtle details that really makes any casual cosplay yours!

Okay, okay, I still hear the disgruntled grunts; that it’s not truly channeling his character. I’m just wanting to play dress up. You’re probably right, to a point, so here you go disgruntled voices.  Man you guys won’t let me slide one bit. Since we’ve got our red trench to signify his red suit, we’ll keep the jeans for obvious reasons and well wear our pow sweater for “sound effects” get it?

Guys I’m sorry but I don’t have a male model on call. However I do own camo pants! So I didn’t forget about you. Camo pant are always a neutral/green in my book and you can pair them with anything. In this case they’ll work well with our comic tee and purple beanie from our spring capsule (I know, I know, it was in the women’s but just work with me). Just because I had too much fun playing around on you guys, I’ll give you a true Casual Cosplay of Daredevil to rock on Friday for the premiere!  Happy watching!


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