Casual Cosplay: Put Some Spring in Your Step

Howdy guys, DyedBelle coming back at you with another weekly dose of Casual Cosplay.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been excited about the Luke Cage talk for Netflix. We haven’t had any teaser trailers yet but that can’t stop my mind from wandering. If you need any back up info on the bad man himself here’s some right here. You know I’ve got you covered.

How can I translate all of that powerhouse into an outfit for you guys? With Luke it’s hard since his clothes are practically in shreds by the end of each issue anyway. You know we can’t have you guys arrested for indecent exposure.

I’m thinking while the temperatures may be rising we still have some office climates that are still borderline frigid. So layers are definitely key for keeping you warm inside the office and cool outside of work. You’ll get the benefits of “shedding” like Luke, see where I’m going with this?

Luke Cage to the Office

Ladies don’t think I forgot about you. I had to include a frequent partner in crime of Luke’s, Miss Misty Knight. She’s pretty sick in my book if you ask me. Not enough credit given plus she has one nice afro if I do say so myself.  To read up more about the dynamic lady check her out here.

She wears some powerful red and yellows which I think when done right can be done perfectly right for the office and show you mean business.  Lets do a ’60s spring shift since she’s got that lovely afro and cropped red cardigan for our layers. Some red t-strap flats for a comfort level and to give us our own effect of a bionic arm how about a bejeweled arm cuff and you’re ready to take on the tyrants at the office.

Misty Knight Office Style

Now knock those guys dead and report back next week for your assignments! See you guys next week.


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