The Binge: Binge With A Bang

Welcome back to The Binge! I took my leave from Winter and I needed some anime in my life. I was scrolling through my CrunchyRoll and looking for something to catch my eye and I came across “BTOOOM!” The name was the first thing that caught me, but after I read the description I had to watch it.


“BTOOOM!” is a recently released show. It was a 12 episode run and the premise is what you wouldn’t expect. So to begin, it’s like we are taking the show “Lost” and combining it with Sword Art Online. “BTOOOM!” was a video game in the series and it has now come to life. Our main character, Ryouta, who by the way breaks the mold, was a 21-year-old failure in his mother’s eyes. He did not have a job and he sat around playing this video game all day. It pays off for him because he makes it to #12 in the world, that’s right you heard me #12. This show kinda really takes those things that we know and love about anime and flips it. He’s not the best, well he’s the best in Japan but not in the world. And he’s a lot older than the normal middle school protagonist you see in a lot of other anime, he’s 21 and that draws him closer to me. Around his age I was doing the same thing, at my mom’s place, no job, playing games all day so I can relate. Ryouta’s dream is to work for the very studio who makes the game he plays so much.


“BTOOOM!” as a game itself is unique, it’s played only with grenades. There are so far 7 types of grenades they revealed in the show. But it is played like any co-op multiplayer. You and two friends against another group of players in closed in close quarters combat and you must strategically find the best way to blow the competition


Things get a little crazy when Ryouta wakes up strapped to a parachute and dangling from a tree in the middle of a deserted island. Like yeah, that happened. But he had to figure out quickly what is going on. He meets his first foe and they go at it. He had to realize that taking a life would be necessary. He meets others and bonds are formed. The character development in the first few episode was a bit rushed but needed in a 12 episode run. The characters themselves have all unique stories and even within the mystery of the island you find out more than we expected.


The anime as a whole is incomplete but the story that you do get is good. It leaves off in a weird place where the manga takes it deeper. There are a few things that did get to me in the story, like some of the back stories. But things like that can be overlooked for just a quick run like this. I wish it would’ve gotten deeper because there are so many things I read in the manga (after I watched this and wanted more) that would have been great to put in anime form, and more about the people who run the island. Honestly, this was one of my better random anime decisions. I think you’ll like it guys, check it out on Crunchy Roll or your favorite streaming site for anime.




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