The Playlist: #HipHopIsHipHop

The Philosopher of Hip Hop has done it again and this time he has brought friends from around the world. KRS-One has always been a classic rapper and timeless in his own right; one of the few founding forces of conscious rap left. With all of the debate with who owns hip hop and rap music in general, this was a great project that shows Hip Hop has effected all people, races, and cultures around the world so not one group can lay claim to it.


KRS-One brought together an amazing group of emcees and DJ and they ripped a track like no one has ever heard before! My personal favorites were Deeb  and Yacko. Well, here’s the full list of the Artists and their countries.

  • San E- South Korea
  • Strike The Head- Italia
  • Frenkie- Bosnia
  • Pendekar- Singapore
  • ADX- India
  • Valete- Portugal
  • Mr Phormula- Wales
  • Yacko- Indonesia
  • SadmAnn- Bangladesh
  • Julian Nagano- Japan
  • Deeb- Egypt
  • Mr. Skin- Taiwan
  • Redrama- Finland

KRS-One rounded off the cypher. It made my heart feel good to see that hip hop isn’t truly dead as we think in the states. It is alive, flourishing, and spreading to other countries in ways we never believed. Here’s the full video and song for #HIPHOPISHIPHOP




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