Casual Cosplay: DC’s Big Cats

Now don’t get me wrong, DisneyBound has the section on lock for Disney characters.  However, the way I see it there are more things that I’d like to cosplay casually besides Tiana. Why not comic, anime, or game characters? The whole point of #casualcosplay is for us lovers who want to inject a little homage and honor into our day for those particular characters.
If you’ve been under a rock the past month you missed out on a beautiful thing called #28DaysofBlackCosplay, where Black Cosplayers from all around showcased their talents in honor of Black History month.  I’d like to lend my contribution to the cause with my new features of #casualcosplay by starting it off with two black characters, none other than DC’s Vixen for the women, and DC’s Bronze Tiger for the men.
#Casualcosplay will be a weekly highlight where I’ll give you examples of how you can be understated but still channel the character of your choice.
I’ve posted bios on each character below.
Ladies first we’ll start with Vixen.  Even though I’d love to floss around in that iconic catsuit I’ve things to do and places to go. How about a golden-yellow motorcycle jacket to keep things simple but loud? A deep v shirt is a must to be reminiscent of that low-cut catsuit. Jeans well obviously since we’re  keeping it casual and a bad pair of booties to kick butt in. Not last but least some form of teeth jewelry to show you’re in tune with animal spirits.
Guys, I haven’t forgot you. Next up, we’re showcasing Bronze Tiger’s look with almost the same formula as Vixen. A tan bomber jacket and black tee to be reminiscent of those stripes he’s known for. Jeans and timberlands for being ready to flex at the drop of a dime. Last but not least, a wooden timepiece to remind you of your jungle roots.
What characters would you like me to dress down for you next time? Don’t forget to drop a comment below or reach me on @dyedbelle on instagram with pictures of your own #casualcosplay and I’ll highlight you next week.
See ya later Dolls,

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