The Verse: JDF Weighs In On POWER/RANGERS

If you guys remember the POWER/RANGERS post of the SFW YouTube Fan Film we posted the other day, you may feel like I do, what do the other former Rangers feel about the film and its gritty take on the show. I follow a few of them on Facebook and I saw Steve Cardena (Rocky) weigh in and he loved the fan film and he even made a few jokes about it on his fan page. But what about the others portrayed in the film? Kimberly, Zack, or Rita? Well they have not made any comments but THE Ranger, Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank has released a quick Instagram video on it.


He’s kinda the guy you would want to know how he felt about it right? It was one of the iggest things this week and he is the main person you think of when you think Power Rangers, heck he’s even in the latest incarnation of the show. He’s done YouTube videos as cameos in his White Ranger and Green Ranger form. The film was mainly about a search for Tommy, so why not ask Tommy what he thinks? Well he didn’t like it. Here below is the video, we’ll talk afterwards.

Okay, do you want to know what I think on this reaction? It’s a cop out, he says that he’s a “PG-13 kinda guy” but honestly, the film that is on YouTube would make the PG-13 rating. The only thing that I could see is the drug use, but that has been seen in a PG-13 movie. There are a few things I have a problem with in the video he says, first was that he was “approached”, I’ll say one thing about JDF he is his greatest hype man. There was a video about the thought process on why this film was made and they never stated they approached any of the original rangers, they stayed with the notion that this was a bootleg.


But that is just how I feel on it, tell us what you think, join us in the comments below.


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