The Chopping Block: The Ty-Ku Experience

I pick this up when i was in  dc but haven’t seen it Philly yet its soju a Korean hard liquor made rice and its 48 proof and and has a sweet taste to mask the standard taste of a hard liquor more should be available this year.


Another new drink from the same company is a nigori coconut sake  blend. This sake is clouded and serve cold and is 12% alcohol.the flavor is coconut at the start  of the pallet and the nigori and the end. There  are bits of actually coconut in the sake but it is not noticeable. The colder the sake is the more you taste the coconut. Both  bottle cost from 17-20 dollar  in the 750 ml  bottles


Ty-ku  standard sake is a ginjo type. It is their high end brand of sake with 15% alcohol . Its smooth with a soft taste of  peach and the soft  smell of vanilla. Unlike the coconut nigori you can can see the tear drop running down the glass. The taste is mildly fruity of the peach this is meant to drink in mall amount unless you would to  get drunk in style with out blowing  the pockets THE  average price 22-25 for a 750 ml bottle


SO, go pick up one or all three of these wonderful drinks.



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