Cosplayers of Color: Dat Hokage Life

Hey readers! Beware of high voltage from this next segment for our Cosplayers of Color series. Today we’re giving you a surge of awesome from our interview with Ms. Shockolate Energy! Who said lightning never strikes twice on the same Block?

CoC_collage 8

XD Shockolate Energy: Oh my…

Bobbo: Hey Jazzy, thanks again for doing this interview with us!

Shockolate Energy: You’re uber welcome!

Shockolate Energy: I feel so honored!

Bobbo: Well the honor is all ours…

Hakurai: Moshi moshi, Lycan desu ka.

Bobbo: You’ve been family on the block since the beginning.

Hakurai: Heyyyyy hokage!

Shockolate Energy: Hiiiiiiiiii Im very honored that you guys picked me ;-;

Hakurai: Thanks for joining us, I know you’re busy, but of course we had to add shockolate awesomeness.

Shockolate Energy: Nuu I haven’t been busy since 5. I finished my cosplay Athena progress, but that was it.

Bobbo: Why wouldn’t we… So for the readers who haven’t been paying attention and just getting to know who our favorite Hokage is, tell them about Shockolate Energy and what cosplaying you like to do… Your Athena looks amazing btw!!!

Shockolate Energy: Well, thanks.

Hakurai: Indeed.

Shockolate Energy: Well first, my nickname came from my hyperness and how I’m always excited about things. XD I started in 2009 @ Youmacon and also I love cosplay characters that are awesome and so inner strength. My first cosplay was Tsunade from naruto.

Bobbo: Awesome awesome…

Hakurai: *shouts “hokage life” in background like it’s a concert* *throws ramen and confetti*

Bobbo: So what got you started into cosplay?? And what would you say still motivates you to keep going

Shockolate Energy: What got me started into cosplay was actually Youmacon 2008 when I first went. I was so astonished by everyone in cosplay, it was a culture shock. So since then, I wanted to cosplay. What keeps me going is my friends and my fans. They push me to be awesome even though sometimes I feel like I can’t do it.

Hakurai: Would you say your Shockers give you a jolt of juice in those moments? XD

Bobbo: Nice one.

Shockolate Energy: Indeed! XD There are so many people from my fan page and they message me. XD They give me so much support and I truly am thankful for them.

Bobbo: Well out of all of your cosplays that you’ve done, which one has been your favorite character to do??

Shockolate Energy: That’s so hard… It’s a tie between Tsunade and Dragonite.

Hakurai: Will we ever see a tsunade x dragonite crossover?!

Shockolate Energy: Nuuu Lol

Bobbo: Lol… I love the hokage but I’d have to get A Master Ball to catch that Dragonite

Shockolate Energy: Haha, you guys are silly! Robert you don’t have enough badges to train me…

Hakurai: BWAHAHAHA Sorry Bobbo, I didn’t bring any burn heals.

Shockolate Energy: Dead

Bobbo: Mmmhmm, I see you got jokes..

Bobbo: Thank you, Hakurai

Shockolate Energy: Dammnn Bobbo: *applies burn heal*

Hakurai: Found some! The interview can continue without the toasty smell.

Shockolate Energy: Lol

Bobbo: So we know Cospositive is a big thing you champion in the cosplay community… There’s been a lot of negativity that goes on over the internet and at cons. What is a message you’d give to new cosplayers that want to explore the world you love so much?

Shockolate Energy: You can cosplay whatever you want no matter if your plus sized, black, white, blue, purple, short tall, and everything in between. Do not let them bring you down, rock your awesomeness!

Hakurai: *flips dreads* Agreed.

Shockolate Energy: Indeed.

Bobbo: Mmmhmm… We are loving the message we’ve been hearing from all of our cosplayers…

Shockolate Energy: Really? Great!

Bobbo: Is there anything else that you have to say to your fans or to the people just discovering you now??

Shockolate Energy: I want you guys to follow the #28daysofblackcosplay hastag I want to thank everyone that supported me as well, I appreciate all of you and I can’t wait to see you awesome people at the cons I’m coming to!

Bobbo: Thank you so much Jazzy for doing this interview with us. You know we love you on the block and can’t wait to see what’s next with you.

Shockolate Energy: Aww

Shockolate Energy: Thanks so very much for having me!

Hakurai: See you at youmacon!

Shockolate Energy: Yes XD I wanna see when it comes out, imma post it on your page.

Bobbo: You will… I’ll get you the link.

Shockolate Energy: Of course, why wouldn’t I?

Bobbo: Oh speaking of links give me the links to your fan page and other sites that you have…

Shockolate Energy: Ok That’s it actually I don’t do deviant art like that but make sure to hashtag #28daysofblackcosplay


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