The Verse: The Gorilla In The Room

So The Flash is steadily becoming One of the best shows on television for your nerdy superhero fix, only to be rivaled by it’s DC brethren of Gotham and Arrow. With the pacing and story-telling that has been showcasing what the DC universe has to offer. But there is one thing they have been hinting towards since the beginning, there has been one enemy that The Flash has encountered yet that is more of a staple in the character’s world more than Captain Cold. Gorilla Grodd, yes the Simian Overlord himself has been teased from the broken cage, the flashbacks, and now that scene in the sewer. It has all been building up to where we have come today. I personally did not think we would see him this season, but as we have been seeing that they hold no punches when it comes to the Metahumans  and villains.


But with the latest teaser trailer of the show they have finally told us, it’s time. It is like I said earlier it’s all been leading to this. So without further ado, I give you Gorilla Grodd.





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