GazeWorthy: O.M.F.G Spidey is here

Soooooooooooooooooo most of you have heard that Sony will partner with Disney/Marvel to bring us the fans….. (plays epic theme song) CIVIL WAR! Ok so first let me give some back ground.


So Ironman and Captain America are on different sides of a bill that makes every super reveal there identities to the government, and then the government tells them when and where to fight crime. Crazy right I know, so Ironman is for the bill and Captain America is against. This split the marvel verse in two, even villians were picking sides rather mind control or being paid. So your probably asking yourself “The hell makes spiderman so significant?” Spiderman was on Ironman side until Tony Stark  had the bright idea to have the guy with the most enemies in the whole marvel verse go on live television and reveal his true identity.


Ok gazers if you have the most enemies why would you reveal yourself? Like the hell make you think that was a great idea? Welp to no surpise spiderman gets jumped and almost beat to death like right outside his house. If it wasn’t for the punisher being the shoot’em up guy we love, spidery would be dead. So long blog short spiderman becomes that catalysts for what I like to call a old school slobber knocker (in my Jim Ross voice).

One thing I want to touch on is that Andrew Garfield will not be playing the role of Spidey. I for one am tired of lets make Donald Glover….NO STOP THIS CRAP.   Ok Miles is so far after the civil war so it will not happen. People I love Miles but I love when the movies stay true to the books more.

Well gazers check in next week for OMG Spidey pt2 i will be showing his impact on the whole movie verse.



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