The Verse: Spidey Swings On Home

The comic book Gods have finally smiled down and just handed us the greatest news of the week. Spider-man, everyone’s friendly neighborhood web-slinger is finally swinging his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Sony officially announced a partnership with Disney/Marvel to bring our favorite witty wall crawler to the same universe as Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. This is huge news with the next phase of the MCU getting ready to be underway, but now Marvel has shifted around everything to slot the yet to be named Spider-Man film coming in July of 2017. Right where Ragnarök was supposed to be I believe. But with all of the amazingness this brings, it also brings so many questions.


As we have all known from the whole Sony email fiasco the end of last year that the executives at Sony Pictures have stated that Andrew Garfield is out of the red and blue tights. So who will be our favorite freelance photographer? This will be the THIRD reboot in the fifteen year span of movie franchise.


Sony CEO Kaz Hirai and Disney CEO Robert Ingel have stated that “Sony still owns the Movie Rights to Spider-Man” but he is going to be appearing in major Marvel movies and has been given a spot in the bigger universe with the rest of developing heroes and franchises. So they have also stated that there were “extensive discussions” about Mr. Parker showing up in the next Captain America Movie “Civil War”. Does this mean that Spidey will finally take his spot within the Avengers? We will keep you posted guys! But sound off below in the comments how you feel about this.


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