The Verse: The A.T.O.M. Is Finally Revealed

The WB/CW released the our first looks at what Ray Palmer will look all suited up. It has been a time with Mr. Palmer and his exosuit from the concept, to the setbacks and the blow ups, literally something on it blew up in a tiny cloud of smoke. But he’s finally done it.


This is one of the most amazing pieces of equipment introduced to the DC television universe so far. We have seen Oliver take down bad guys with his toys and trick arrows, and we’ve seen Barry go toe to toe with Metahumans with amazing powers that take the impossible and redefine it each day. But this will be first time we will see one of the brave and the bold rise up and take up a new mantle of justice. You can see that I am a huge Atom fan. But let’s take a look shall we.


This is pretty big for all of the scientist who have ever wanted to be a hero. Yeah of course people will make comparisons that he’s trying to be the Iron Man of DC, but The Atom is far from that.His prowess and debut actually won’t be on his home show Arrow it will come on an episode of The Flash awesomely titled ” All-Star Team Up” . So I cannot wait to see what Ray Palmer has up his sleeves. It has not yet been confirmed if the suit can shrink or not but that just comes with the mystery of the wait.


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