Comic Shop On The Block: Poppa’s Got A Brand New Power

So as we learned yesterday, it isn’t too late to teach an old dog new tricks. DC released that in the upcoming issue of Superman, the Man of Steel will be getting a new weapon to his arsenal. Writers have been developing this story they have dubbed “Men of Tomorrow” where Superman meets a kindred spirit in Ulysses, a fellow “Superman” of his own dimension in back story and all. They were allies until Clark learns the true motive or mission of Ulysses and his plan to kill millions of people to ensure the continuation of his home-world.


A massive fight ensues and the two duke tit out at a stalemate. Clark is giving it all he has and Ulysses is just absorbing it, until he exerts so much that he sets off his newly discovered ability they have simply named Super Flare.


It is something on a scale that can only e called massive, with this new-found ability like a major extension of his heat vision what else can we say that Superman can’t do. This is what you get for the man who has it all, a new World shattering ability. In the scuffle and the explosion, he’s damaged the New 52 armor we have come to love/hate in the series. So they have also given him a costume upgrade. Well it looks more so of the comics past suits. Still a modern look but its gone back to a cloth-like material. Take a look


It’s a brand new day for the Man of Tomorrow, he has a lot of things on his plate and a new power to learn how to control. I want to see where they take this next and hopefully we all enjoy the ride.


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