IRL: You Know Why He’s Here

So NFL Media Day the week of the Super Bowl is a crazy time, it’s almost like the ComiCon of Football. With the non-stop questions to the players, the fans and the overall madness that comes with Super Bowl Week in general I understand what happened next. So if you don’t know of Marshawn Lynch its okay, I kinda think he’d prefer it that way.



But he’s not a bad boy of the game but the League is trying to paint him that way. For the past couple of seasons Lynch has been the target of the League’s crack down on fines. He has been fined repetitively for the time or the lack thereof that he does not give to the press. He does not do it because he feels he’s too good to speak with them, he just has nothing to say. He’d rather have his performance on the field speak for him instead of the questions he has to answer after it. I actually understand that, after a hard game and you’ve given your all you don’t want to sit at a table being bombarded with the flashing of cameras and questions from shadows. He just wants to go to the locker room and go home, but under his contract he has signed for a certain amount of time to give to the press.

So that is where the issue has been coming in with him and the League, so with him not enjoying the company of the press and NFL Media Day upon us, how will Marshawn Lynch handle it. Like a BOSS, and how amazing it was. So he’s done this trick before, but this was on such a grand stage that it made this victory so much sweeter. So he was slated for 4:30 of press time, and he did every second. But what they did not get was the answer they wanted, but they got the answer they deserved, just check out the video below.

Yep, that’s right, he stated “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.” over and over, to actually come up to a astonishing 29 times. I really would’ve stopped asking questions if that were me, but it goes to show you there is always a way. He was not rude, he was acknowledging the fans and he responded to each and every question, just in his own way. I was beautiful to see, I think if he doesn’t like this press forced upon him they should renegotiate the contract.


But reports today have come out that even with him doing the press time and going through with Media Day, he still is being reviewed for a possible fine. The NFL will be reviewing the situation because the hat he wore was not approved and a sponsor of the League.  The hat that Marshawn was rocking was actually one promoting his own brand, I wondered that myself until this research. But no one from the League has commented on the possible fine, and I think we know that Mr. Lynch will remain silent on the subject.  But tell us how you feel on the subject below in the comments.



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