GazeWorthy: The Four Have Arrived (Trailer)

So we have a trailer out today and it’s not The Avengers guys! So today, we get our first looks inside of the latest reboot of Fantastic Four. This movie has been getting a lot of buzz and hate, buzz being in the change of Johnny Storm (Michael B Jordan) and hate in the way of the change for the character, Dr. Doom. But we finally get a chance to look at all they are doing with this franchise.

So with what they are showing us it’s a dark world out there, but there may just be some hope. The voice-over or the narration that accompanies this  trailer starts off saying, “How did we get this far?” I’ll let you be the judge…

Fantastic Four hits theaters August 7th 2015. Tell us what you liked about it and what you didn’t like, leave a comment below.



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