GamerTag: Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Today is the day the heavily anticipated zombie survival game, Dying Light, gets released here in the United States. Last year definitely gave us reasons to restore our faith in the next-gen gaming lineup with some surprise hits.

Developed by Techland, this game is reminiscent of another open world survival game, Dead Island. For anyone who has ever played Dead Island it has similar mechanics. You can craft weapons from a variety of raw materials: barbed wire bats, electrical wiring on hammers, you name it. Four player co-op also makes the game enjoyable, as you guys can race through various missions that will take you into the center of the zombie populace.

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Dying Light looks to follow that formula, then take it to the next level. For one, this is a next-gen exclusive. What does that mean? Well, it means that this original IP will not have to worry about the constraints of the last gens hardware. The game is gorgeous. From the lighting, to the AI of the zombies themselves, everything just feels much more alive. Do I need to mention that the map is double the size of what would’ve been possible on the older hardware? The game also adds to the world by creating a day and night cycle which is probably the most entertaining aspect of the game. In the day, the very basic form of ‘walkers’ are present. A lot of them slow and can be dodged easily. This is mostly for scavenging and discovering territories. Then comes the night. The most vicious and intelligent of the bunch come out. During this time, the game is strictly survival.

There hasn’t been any formal reviews as of yet. The developers failed to issue out review copies which can be troublesome. However, if you check YouTube and Twitch there are a handful of players already who have managed to get early copies, giving you the chance to witness the game and judge for yourself.


Dying Light will be available IS AVAILABLE NOW, January 27th for PS4 and Xbox One. Will you be buying it? Do you think it will live up to the hype? Or will it fail like so many other next-gen titles of yesteryear? Leave your comments below.


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