Comic Shop On The Block: Is The Marvel Universe Really Over?

So Marvel dropped a huge bomb on us today with their announcement to end all of the active Universes we have come to know and love. So if you are thinking this is some sort of joke or stunt, it’s not this is not a drill people. So How are they going to do this? Just follow us on this one.


So earlier today in a press conference, Marvel executives announced the latest event in the Marvel Universe “Secret Wars”. We have been hearing all of the latter part of 2014 that the Ultimate Universe of Marvel Comics will be coming to an end soon. But it seems as it will go out with a bang and take shit with it. So this will be a culmination of all of the Universes that Marvel has been writing about for so long, the main Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Marvel Universe will collide in this events to end all events.

maxresdefault (3)

This will all take place this May when Marvel will take the world we know and love and transform it into Battleworld. This will pit all versions of every Marvel character against themselves sounds like to me. But what will this make the universe into after all the smoke has cleared? What will happen when all of the heroes and heroines collide on the same soil? Will we fight on the same side or fight against each other?


“The Marvel Universe will be Battleworld, and every single piece of those worlds will be building blocks for the universe,”


The Senior VP of Publishing and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and Editor and Chief Axel Alonso dropped the news on us today and stated that “The Marvel Universe will be Battleworld, and every single piece of those worlds will be building blocks for the universe,” This is gonna be way more than a reboot and the art that has been released for it has been as amazing as the thought process behind the event. They said that all of the creative teams at Marvel knew about this changing of the guards, so how hard was it for them to keep this under wraps.

secret-wars secret-wars-1-112759-116869 swars-lores2-e8ee8


This isn’t the first time they have used the title Secret Wars, and this isn’t the time they have killed off The Ultimate Universe, but this is on a scale of proportions that I never expected them to go. The Press conference also confirmed a few other things like the “All New, All Different Avengers” and some other Marvel arcs that will be ongoing and limited runs. Also there will be some old characters that will return, one they teased was the wonderful Ms. Gwen Stacy. So this will be a lot more expansive than what we initially thought.


This is gonna be a major step and this will take more than some amazing covers to sell it, where will this take us. Who do you wan to see survive in the end? Tell us below in the comments. And take the survey if you think Marvel is making the right move with this event?



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