GamerTag: In My Honest Opinion…

As far as gaming is concerned, the year 2014 ended memorably pushing boundaries in the gaming community as well as leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths as well. We’ve seen quite a few original IPs and some amazing remakes. Game of the year candidates such as Dragon Age: Inquisition really showcased how new hardware can really revitalize a franchise while others such as Watch Dogs really took us at the peak of our high just to disappoint with repetitive, stale gameplay. Nothing hurts more than dishing out that sixty bucks just to find out you’ve wasted your money.

Perhaps none were more polarizing, however, than Destiny. Published by Activision and developed by Bungie, this game was introduced with high praise and expectation. How can the guys responsible for Halo go wrong, right? This is the team that bought us one of the most iconic first person shooters of our generation and aside from the legendary 007 Goldeneye for the N64, really made my childhood. To hear that these guys are finally branching from Halo’s shadow to bring us something new from within the FPS genre is truly refreshing.


However, as the gaming community and myself soon found, legends can still fail. The game was met with mediocre reviews and a fan base truly left out in the cold. Where was the open world we were promised? Or the intuitive social features this game was told to have? How can a game be advertised as ‘massive’ when it can be completed in under four hours. Yes, four hours. The game starts off promising and then leaves you to cycle through repetitive stages and fetch quests. The dialogue lacks any real depth forcing you to listen to conversations that contain sentences such as “…I don’t even have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain!”. Yes, that is a real quote for anyone who hasn’t played this game.



Now I’ll be fair and say that this game has improved. Consistent updates has kept the game relatively bug free (mostly) and the RNG that determines what kind of loot you receive in this game has been improved to cater to the casual gamer. What used to take hours of dull grinding can now be done while playing as little as an hour a day. I know, I’ve done it. In a weeks time of playing no more than maybe ninety minutes a day, I’m now a level 29 with two exotic weapons. I never even raided once. The PvP offering known as the Crucible is also more well-balanced than previously and chat options have now been improved to add in-game chat outside of your immediate party.

I for one can appreciate these improvements. You see, I’ve already purchased the digital download stripping me of the ability to sell this game. In short, I’m stuck with it. Though we are joined by marriage (metaphorically speaking) this doesn’t have to end on a bad note. The gameplay is still as solid as can be and when playing with friends is a really fun experience. For anyone looking to try the game out all I can ask is that you set your expectations low. The things the game does right, it really does right. This game is truly a love/hate experience without much consideration for the player behind the controller.

Here’s to hoping Bungie is learning from this experience. With any luck, Destiny 2 may actually break ground as originally promised.


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