Our Year’s End Hourglass.

Ladies! Gents! Young Chaps! Old Chaps!
Whatever a Chap is! It’s your local cat Archie here.

It’s like, New Year’s Eve! I know that you know, that I know, that you don’t have any plans for tonight. You’re not going out partying. You’re not going out with some friends to roam the busy streets of NYC. You’re not going to watch the ball drop. You’re not going to stay in your basement, throw on some headphones and jam out to some Uptown Funk while playing your own cover of the song on your Air Guitar, as we pass into 2015.

You’re going to stay in your basement, kick it with Archie here, and see which choice of woman closes out the year. :3
The last woman of 2014 showcased shall be…

Mrs. Zoe Saldaña!


I had to go back through my sources to see where she’s been from. (…Shout out to the reliable sources Google directs me to!) I’ve seen her a lot before, but just didn’t know it. Surprising right? The man who puts women on the King’s Throne for about 10/20 minutes…. missed one.

She’s a more than top par dancer, and actress. I know her from a few movies she’s been in that I’ve watched, like “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, ”Drumline”, and “Guardians of the Galaxy”, I know I’m jumping around with years there. Personally I couldn’t point out that I’ve seen her in those movies, until that one scene in “The Losers” where she’s in this tense battle with another male character… which literally looks like they’re going at it during some parts of the fight… then the actually go at it. It wasn’t until my eyes were pressed up against my screen, watching her get pressed up against a wall while still fighting this guy, where I said “WAIT, I KNOW HER.” Thus, a fan service was formed! D:


From the ways I see her, and in movies, she’s highly professional about what she does, and she’s a tough cookie. Heh. Who doesn’t like that combo? She even looks beautiful! Beautiful + Tough Cookie = “If Looks Could Kill”. I say she has her hand in our “nerd” pot as well, be it she’s been on a few of the Star Trek movies as “Nyota Uhura”, and she’s “Neytiri” from Avatar. Y’know the braided blue girl. I hear more Avatar movies are going to be coming, which of course shall involve our Neytiri in them.

Like I said, professionalism, and beauty, I loves it. She’s a good way to close out my year, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed her as a way to close out yours. I left tough cookie out of that equation didn’t I? Oh well, can’t go back now!

Hope you guys enjoy your Eve however you may be planning the night, or if you happen to wake up after being hung upside down from your closet door, with a few drawings on your face, and decide to go see what Archie has said for all of the peoples, hope you had your fun! See you guys in the next cycle.


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