In production…

What is good blockheads…  I know the blog has been a little silent, but never fear we are still here… The production of Season two of Bobbo’s Block has been a little more taxing than expected… Coupled with the holiday season, just working and finals, the crew and I have been a bit exhausted.


Don’t forget to check out myself, DJ Horus, and Doomsday on Weekly Geekly every Saturday at 9 pm EST on YouTube!  And keep a lookout for post for season two of Bobbo’s Block coming Wednesdays on the Otakast Radio Network.
We will be picking back up the coverage of the nerdy and geeky that you love. We will still be expanding our other divisions from fashion to sports, we’ll be covering all the things you wanna talk about. I want us to become your news source for everything!


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